Vickey's Bookkeeping Inc
Specializing in Accounting for Churches
We have the skills and the knowledge to ensure your unique bookkeeping is done right!
We personally know the challenges that smaller churches and nonprofits face with staff turnovers and tight budgets.

With those struggles in mind, we strive to make our services affordable and dependable. 
Vickeys Bookkeeping Inc is located in Henryetta, OK and specializes in bookkeeping services for churches, nonprofits, and small businesses.

We serve clients in over 20 states in the United States. Location is no problem as we use remote sessions and conference calls for meetings and one on one training.

A few things you may find interesting about our manager and founder, Vickey Boatright Richardson:

Our Team

Our Owner and Founder, Vickey Boatright Richardson:

Vickey sets up accounting systems, leads the training sessions, conducts the consults, and anything else that needs to be done to properly service our clients!

She is the grandmother of 7 beautiful grandchildren and mother of 3 and the wife of a precious man with supports her in all she sets her mind to do.
Our Office Manager and One of Our Staff Bookkeepers, Sara Farrow

As Office Manger, Sara keeps our office running smoothly.

Sara is also our QBO specialist. She has 2 years of experience working with churches using QuickBooks Online. She enjoys keeping our clients' QBO files organized and current.

When not keeping the books, she enjoys being a sports mom for her 4 beautiful daughters and taking care of the horses and farm animals on thier ranch. 
Staff Bookkeeper: Tiffany Sullivan

As a Staff bookkeeper, Tiffany is our Aplos specialist. She enjoys working with our clients to ensure they are getting the financial information they need to effectively run their organization.

Tiffany works full time for a hospital administratioon, part time for our firm,  and is a full time single mom.  In her spare time, she leads a church youth group that brings joy to many people with their signing songs ministry!